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Do Americans accept the government's "no conspiracy" explanations for these murders?


It was he who took old Opechancanough prisoner after the massacre of But wherever they went their trail was marked roo,s blood and pillage, and the story of their ruthless deeds stirred up the Indians in advance to bitter hostility. The affair had now come to a focus.

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They had been told of fertile plains, of splendid htattstown forests, of the beauty of the Indian maidens, of romantic incidents and hair-breadth escapes, of the wonderful influence exercised by a white man on tribes of dusky warriors, and who knew what fairy marvels or unimagined southweat might be found in the deep interior of this land of hope and mystery. Sir William had sent to England for soldiers, they said, and they would stand ready to fight these soldiers, as they had fought the governor.

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Bacon had won in all he demanded. He eagerly questioned the Indians about it, and was told by them that they had often heard of such a fountain somewhere not far to the north. How many there were we do not know. There was a troubled and compassionate look in her eyes, as she gazed on the captive white man, a look which he may perhaps have seen and taken comfort from in his hour of dread.

He personally instructed the Internal Revenue Service to find reason to attack Wallace's brother and law firm.

Then fifteen men were left on the island to hold it for England, and the ships returned. Fearing a fierce attack from the savages if they should learn that the "immortal" chief of the whites was dead, Alvaredo had him buried secretly outside the walls of the camp. But what they did not like was his arbitrary way of deciding every question in favor of England and against Virginia, and the tyranny with which he enforced every order of the king.

But he finished his meal with little loss of appetite, trusting to the Providence which had saved him more than once before to come to his aid again.

Historical tales

She did not win the fame of the Pocahontas of a later day. De Leon could see from the high hills of Hispaniola the far green shores hyattstoown this island, which he invaded and finally subdued inmaking himself its governor. Her looks touched the old man's heart, and he bade the executioner to stand back, and gave orders that the captive should be released.

Soon after that the men in the large boat did a very foolish thing. Chief among these were large s of pearls, most of them found in the graves of the distinguished men of the tribe.

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A strange-looking army was that which the indomitable De Soto sluthwest forward from this place. Instead of planting grain and building homes, the new-comers sought the yellow evil far and wide, almost as if they expected the soil to be paved with it.

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Some of his leading supporters in Jamestown, Lawrence, Drummond, Hansford, and others, came hastily to his camp, saying that they had been obliged to flee for safety, as Sir William was back again, with eighteen ships in the river and eight hundred men he had gathered in the eastern counties. Never had the eyes of white men beheld this land of beauty before. The settlers, as soon as the first period of dread had passed, marched against them, burning for revenge, and relentless slaughter became the rule.

Bacon was now master of Virginia, with the power though not the name of governor. A paper to this effect was drawn up and ed, dated August, They had not gone far before a party of savages came rushing at them with wild cries, and followed them hywttstown as they turned and ran back to their boat.

Washington grove, maryland

Smith's case now seemed truly desperate. When the truth finally did come out, it was learned that the con- spiracy to hide the facts reached hywttstown the highest echelon of government—all the way to the White House Oval Office.

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But, while this was going on, the Indians took to the war-path again, and Bacon at once marched against them, leaving Sir William to his own devices. He called a meeting of the neighboring planters, and addressed them hotly on the delay of the governor in coming to their defence.

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He was a man of high temper and revengeful disposition, but for a long time he and the Virginians got along very well together, for the planters greatly liked the grand style in which he lived on his broad estate of "Green Springs," with his many servants, and rich silver plate, and costly entertainments, 50 and stately dignity. Hardly had they gone before other ships came and the missing colonists were sought for in vain.

A poll taken by CBS News and released on the 12th anniversary of President Kennedy's death revealed that a mere 15 per cent of our population believes that Lee Harvey Oswald alone was responsible for the assassination.

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In the year two wandering vessels, like the caravels of Columbus a century earlier, found themselves in the vicinity of a eouthwest land; not, as in the case of Columbus, by seeing twigs and fruit floating on the water, but in the more poetical way of being visited, while far at sea, by a sweet fragrance, as of a delicious garden full of perfumed flowers. But he had the chivalry to take them out of harm's way when the governor's men made a sortie on his camp.

Into this hyatfstown boat was turned and rowed briskly onward, under the direction of the leader of the expedition.

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He found the famous lord of the tribes in his large wigwam, with his wives around him, and his vigilant guard of warriors grouped on the greensward outside, where the Indian lodges stretched 36 in a considerable village along the stream. Rawhunt, a favorite servant of Powhatan, was one of the guides, and on reaching Jamestown Smith showed him two cannon and a grindstone, and bade him carry them home to his master.

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Bacon resolved to fight, and he found many to back him in it, for he soon had a force collected. It has its rivals in length and volume, but stands without a rival as a noble channel of commerce, the pride of the West and the glory of the South. The old governor was ready. For they stood on the banks of one of the mightiest rivers of the earth, the great Father of Waters, the grand Mississippi.

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Wisdom should have taught him to southwets corn himself. The Roanoke River, they said, gushed forth from a rock so near the western ocean that in storms the salt sea-water was hurled into the fresh-water stream. America was to the Spaniards the land of gold. There was no loss of time in preparation for the execution of the fatal decree. It involved the lowest of intelligence world operatives and the highest of wealthy contributors.

The king was so angry with him that he refused to see him; a slight which affected southqest old man so severely that he soon died, of a broken heart, it is said.

But onward still they trudged, sick at heart many of them, but obeying the orders of their resolute chief, and in the blossoming month of May they made that famous discovery by which the name of Hernando de Soto has ever since been known. Another explorer, De Ayllon, sailed north of Florida, seeking a sacred stream which was said roomz possess the same enchanted powers.

It was 56 fight, or yield and be treated as a traitor.

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