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Anyone can see who's in the group and what they post. Visible Anyone can find this group. About This group is for general discussion relating to Chst or to things which people who live in Wisbech are interested in. This is not a "free speech" forum. It is a moderated forum with volunteer Admins to… More maintain the rules.


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Other than that discuss, laugh and enjoy. Your best way of staying alive is to warp out, and lest be able to warp out quick enough if something starts attacking you you should be pre-aligned. But if you do not know what kind of ships you are going to jam it is tough to choose between fitting several multispectral jammers or a variety of race specific jammers.

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Assuming you're not flying a large, tanked ship the Scorpion or a ship with a covops cloak the Falcon -- in which case you should know what you're doing anyway -- you need to: be near the edge of your optimal range fight aligned run away if you're being shot help your fleetmates escape tackle if retreating On most ECM ships ECM's long optimal range is one of the things that keeps you out of trouble, so you should try to warp to targets at your optimal range, not at zero.

If you happen to get a jam off on a person playing docking games he won't be able to get weapons timer for 20 seconds 5 seconds for ECM drones. If your fleet is losing the engagement and the FC calls for a retreat take a moment to see if any of your fleetmates are tackled by the opposing fleet.

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It is a moderated forum with volunteer Admins to… More maintain the rules. If there are other ECM pilots in your fleet it can be useful to coordinate with them so that you don't waste time jamming the same target several times over. Overheating an ECM jammer increases its jamming strength.

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When you arrive on-grid where a fight's happening, or when a fight starts where you are, you should quickly select a convenient celestial object planets are goodor a bookmark, and align to it. Equally, of course, electronic warfare ships and especially ECM ships have high sensor strengths for their hull size.

Target 1 is lucky and doesn't get jammed. Griffins and Kitsunes mount small weapons which can hurt drones, but usually can't tank the drones for long enough; a Blackbird fitted with Rapid Light Missile Launchers and a large plate or shield extender might be able to destroy drones, but the pilot would still be distracted. Bigger, more powerful ships have naturally larger sensor strength: e. Visible Anyone can find this group. Jamming will disrupt the chain and in best case can cause multiple ships to cap out causing the chain to collapse.

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Each works well against one sensor type but poorly against others. Like with jamming sniper damage-dealers, damps or tracking disruptors are more reliable for this purpose. However, because jammers have a fairly long cycle time at 20 secondsand fairly high Heat Damage of 6. A Triglavian ship can be jammed to break its spool on a ship, reducing its potency.

ECM pilots tend consequently to be fairly jittery, so even if you can't actually kill them, if you can demonstrate the ability to hurt them they often run away.

This usually means battleships and battlecruisers but the enemy might field a fast-moving gang of smaller ships. If the fight's still going on, you can then warp back in warp at your optimal range to one of your chwt who was in the middle of things and carry on jamming. Jamming can be extra devastating if the logistic ships are running a cap chain. Requirement for using ECM. Local businesses can post vhat advert no more than once every two chaf as long as it announces a new business, new service or special offer.

If you have intelligence about the ships being flown by your enemy you can have your pilots fit multiple jammers which match the race type of your target ship s.

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And, just like any other module that can be overheated, if you overheat too much you'll burn your jammers out. On activation, they will attempt to jam all ships in range. See also. This can be very useful but, as with ECM in general, since it only increases your chance to jam, it's still a gamble: overheated jammers can fail to jam their targets, and when that happens you still have the heat damage from overheating. If you are ever in doubt about what kind of jammers to fit, you should go with a rainbow configuration.

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Sometimes you will have to fight at short range -- if the enemy jump into an offensive gatecampfor example. This is where a Targeting Range script can come in useful if you fitted a Sensor Booster. They have high sensor strengths, so they aren't the easiest ships to jam, but if you do jam one it won't be able to heal the rest of the enemy gang for sfill seconds.

This generally gives higher jamming strength than multispectral if at least some of jams are aimed at right type of ships.

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al Amplifiers low slot - These modules are similar to Sensor Booster modules but use low slots and give smaller bonuses. With auto-repeat off your jammers will deactivate after every cycle, saving you the trouble of deactivating them yourself if their target is already jammed by another jammer.

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This time we decide to turn on one module per target. If you have some time you are not about to die you can gain a large advantage if you do not active all of your ECM modules on a target. Any arguing with admins, which includes name-calling, sniping, griping, re-posting things that have been deleted, moaning about things that have been deleted, moaning about how the forum is run or general anti-admin sarcasm will result in you being removed from the forum.

If you want a free speech forum, use another forum. If you align to an object in the opposite direction of the enemy, you risk straying out of your optimal range, and decreasing the likelihood of successfully jamming your opponent.

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With good ECM range skills, the Blackbird and Kitsune should have a decent chance to jam sniper HACs, and the Scorpion should have a decent chance to jam sniper battleships. Jams from this projector will last for 40 seconds, rather than the 20 seconds of normal jams. Remember that the activation time of ECM modules is 20 seconds, which is the same length of time that the jam will last 5 seconds for ECM drones.

Here are some ships that often make good ECM targets.

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Scarab I - Has a strength of 1. A weapons timer is applied to the supercarrier for the duration of the Burst Projector's second activation time reducible with levels in Burst Stilk Operation. This will ensure that you don't rapidly get out of range, or wander into the midst of the battle. Ships jammed by the burst projector will not be able to target the supercarrier that generated the burst.

If the enemy is between you and the celestial you are aligned to, your course will take you towards the fight, and your range advantage will be negated. Particle Dispersion Augmentors - These rigs increase the strength of your jammers.

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Often, particularly when you're in a large fleet, the primary target called by the FC for the damage-dealers is not the best ship to jam, since hopefully it will die soon anyway. Triglavian Ships Ships from the Cha Collective have a spooling mechanic, whereby their damage or reps get stronger the longer they're sustained on a single target. Upwsll attempt to jam target 1 with another module and he is AGAIN lucky just like in the first example We finally turn a third module onto target 1 and this time we jam him and live to fight another day!

Still upwell lets chat

Immediately you target both of them and decide you will turn on two multispectral jammers for each four in total.

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