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I find it interesting that while some "victims" may be delusional or highly imaginative, others seem to suggest that hfo extraordinary may toom taking place. You must have 'forgot' to include the part about marks on abductees bodies I am not an expert on any of this but just browsing in a good bookstore shows there is a lot of research currently going on in the area of False Suppressed Memory Syndrome but this research is tightly focused on the false memories of child abuse.

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No matter what is going on to hurt these people, we are not doing them any good by rejecting them, and I applaud people like Budd Hopkins, and John E. I also think that it would be appropriate to have interviewees shown in silhoutte. It is popular for discussions such as paranormal activities, ghosts spirits, and the supernatural. Or the military report that an object tracked at miles per hour cyat a weather balloon? The UFO abduction program was really welcome, especially since that kind of stuff has been drilled into the public consciousness as fact everywhere else.

You reported that reports skyrocketed after media events showing aliens.

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Well, one obvious answer to me is that as drawn the alien wasn't smiling! Hooray for intelligence I say. The sometimes incredulous tone of the narrator yes, it was apparent did demonstrate just how turbulent this field of study has become. Are more people today claiming to be gay because the media put the idea in their he or is the open portrayal of gay issues making people feel more comfortable about being open?

A series of hypnotic sessions where the hypnotist is suggesting images and scenarios is a far cry from showing a conscious child a picture an asking an opinion. Did you investigate any of the purported landing sights? Why didn't we hear from them in programs dealing with repessed memories?

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It is a disconcerting feeling at first, but eventually your brain wakes the rest of your body up. Give me a break! You took the time, and effort to intellegently consider the various facts and explanations. I'd appreciate your passing fuo on to my old friend Phil Klass, and to Carl Sagan.

Ufo chat room

People seem to want so desperately to blame some extraordinary power for their problems, be it aliens or the parish priest. You should have done you're home work on this before airing you're ignorance to millions of viewers. For instance, in the case of Betty and Barney Hill, inMrs Hill describes a procedure which, on the surface, describes an amniocentesis.

Rather than being about alien abduction, it seem to be more about methods of analysis and the dynamics of group therapy. There were about 32 holes, which were about 3. Aren't the lives of these people full enough that the cbat of these stories is unnecessary?

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When he came to, the clearing was empty, apart from a pattern of deep regular marks on the ground. A review of psychological journals will show a large of articles that have been written on this topic. Just my opinions. Ian Dahl Franklin,Mass. Then I bought a book and after reading it for a littl while I came to a placein the book where I read a sequence of events that had happened to me.

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That seems to me conclusive proof that their tale is a made-up story, probably stimulated by hypnotic suggestion, as described in the Nova broadcast. He made millions of dollars off of his book "Communion" the film, and subsequent books. They just arrived as though a cha or something had landed from the sky. He told the BBC he saw strange marks on the ground.

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Mr Robinson, who has given lectures on the incident across the UK, Holland, France and the USA and written a book on the subject, said it was one of the most incredible cases in the world. Watching the writer interact with the young boy was chilling—he used his power and authority as a "friendly" adult to nonverbally guide and elicit the child's responses; he gave unmistakeable body-language clues as to what was the "right" answer, and the child clearly temporized as he struggled to decode those cues uco give the answers that would gain the authority figure's approval.

Ther is no conventional cyat for what has happened to the people in my house.

David Taylor. I have often become conscious while still chaat, while my body remains immobilized. When he got to his house he told his wife Mary he had been attacked by a "spaceship thing". Frequently, it seemed to be a mistreatment of what actually seems to be a ificant mystery. This is the reason that the topic has ended up on tabloid programs, where vhat fair and concise presentation of the subject is unlikely to occur.

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Second you suggest that all people who have the experience have them during sleep paralysis- also not the case. You conclusions were not based on scientific exploration or you would have examined some of the evidence presented by the UFOologists or gone out and tested those who offered. You have trully shown that science is not at the core of some of you're programing.

Ufo chat room

Many researchers into the topic keep secret some key details of the phenomenon, which they use as "checks" for commonality among experiencers. The show did present a somewhat one-sided explanation of hypnotic suggestion and sleep-paralysis as an "explanation" for UFO abductions.

The truth is out there: top ufo chat rooms

This specifically addresses the isue raised in NOVA regarding the planting of uof memories. Being a person who talks in my sleep, I've often tried to call to my wife while in this state. There could be other forms of communication beyond what we know today. Considerable enthusiasm built up prior to this as he put scores on the chalkboard.

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